Butterfly keyboard

With the advent of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro equipped with Magic Keyboard, models with butterfly keyboard disappeared from other than serviced products, but Apple did not give up the improvement and still continues development of the keyboard And it seems.

Is it effective for thinning?

Apple hasn’t given up on the butterfly keyboard, it’s still improving and it may come back in the future, Leaker’s dying Yuhki (@ L0vetodream) posted on Twitter.

The butterfly keyboard was effective in making it thinner, and had the advantage of less shaking of the key top when typing, but it was difficult to remove dust from the key top when it got into the gap, and it was unpopular that it easily breaks down. .

Will it come back in combination with the soft dome switch?

By changing from the butterfly keyboard to the magic keyboard, which is a scissor-style keyboard, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro is 0.7 mm thick and the MacBook Air is 0.5 mm thicker.

It was pointed out that problems with butterfly keyboards are that the key touch is bad because the stroke is shallow and there is little repulsion, in addition to the breakdown when foreign matter enters due to the structure that is difficult to clean.

It was pointed out that this problem is not a defect in the structure of the butterfly keyboard itself, but a problem with the internal metal dome switch. If it succeeds in improving the problem of the butterfly keyboard, it is possible that it will be revived for the purpose of achieving a thinner type, such as ARM-equipped MacBooks that are rumored to appear.

Source: Yuru Yukari (@ L0vetodream) / Twitter
Photo: iFixit

Source: iPhone Mania