This app is no longer shared

When trying to open an application such as LINE or Twitter, some users have encountered a problem that “This application’s sharing has been canceled” is displayed and it cannot be used. It seems that there is a bug in iOS, and it seems that it can be solved by performing “Remove App” operation and then reinstalling.

I can’t open LINE or Twitter

When trying to open some applications on iPhone, a message saying “This application’s sharing has been canceled” is displayed and it is pointed out that the application cannot be used in the Apple user community, Twitte in Japan etc. I will.

Affected are LINE, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, LastPass, etc., which are also displayed in Google’s search suggestions in Japan.

This app is no longer shared

This issue has been confirmed on both iOS 13.5, which was just released the other day, and iOS 13.4.1, which is the previous version, and the cause is unknown. MacRumors commented that it seems to be happening to users who recently updated the app.

Can be solved by “Remove App”

MacRumors reports that this issue has been reported to have been resolved by “removing” the app and then reinstalling it.

Remove App

For “Remove App” operation, go to “General”> “iPhone Storage” in the “Settings” app, find the problematic app, and tap “Remove App”.

Please note that if you select “Delete App”, the data in the app will also be erased.

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Source: iPhone Mania