Apple hires Facebook former advertising manager: will vigorously develop the advertising industry

According to foreign media reports, Apple hired the former Facebook advertising product manager Antonio Garcia Martinez, which shows that the Cupertino-based technology giant is expanding its advertising ambitions. Garcia Martinez was also famous for writing his autobiography “Chaos Monkeys”. He joined Apple in April this year as a member of the company’s advertising platform product engineering team. According to reports, he will be based at the Cupertino headquarters.

Apple’s advertising platform team is dedicated to advertising technology in the App Store and other parts of the Apple ecosystem – including Apple News and Stock apps.

Garcia Martinez worked for Facebook from 2011 to 2013 and later became an influential figure in the company’s advertising product team. He worked in advertising positioning and eventually became the product manager of FBX. FBX is Facebook’s closed advertising trading platform.

This move just shows that Apple is working hard to expand its advertising business’s latest move. Apple recently added new advertising locations in the App Store and is committed to allowing advertisers to promote their apps directly to users.

The news of advertising came shortly after Apple introduced the privacy protection feature in iOS 14.5. This feature requires all apps to obtain permission before tracking users. Facebook has been bluntly criticizing this, and some advertising industry organizations have also raised their own complaints.

Some industry observers believe that as advertisers seek other methods beyond traditional tracking, privacy features may boost Apple’s own advertising business. Analysts at Bernstein Research said that in 2020, Apple’s App Store’s advertising business may reach US$2 billion.

In addition to Garcia Martinez, Apple seems to be expanding the size of its advertising team. As of Monday, May 10, Apple has about 50 vacancies related to advertising platforms. One of the lists shows that Apple is forming a new team that will focus on combating false advertising traffic.

Apple does seem to want to become an advertising company different from competitors such as Facebook and Google. A job list shows that Apple is hiring engineers – they will be asked to help Apple set the standard for “effective advertising while protecting user privacy.”

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