MacBook Pro repair experts benefit from stolen files from Quanta

When the ransomware group REvil tried to blackmail Apple but failed, it released the schematic diagrams of the future MacBook Pro. Now these drawings have been leaked and are being circulated among maintenance experts, who say that this information is helping them to recover lost data from customers.

MacBook Pro repair experts benefit from stolen files from Quanta

According to reports, these drawings are circulated by professional maintenance personnel, they use these drawings not to make their own MacBook Pro, but to better understand how these machines are assembled. According to Vice reports, these schematics are helping maintenance personnel trying to recover lost data for customers.

Louis Rossmann, the owner of the Rothman Maintenance Group, told Vice, “Our business relies on leaks like this. This will help me recover customer data. Customers will get their data back because of this leak. “If possible, Rossmann will purchase individual components on the circuit board and replace them directly for consumers. This may be cheaper for the owner. If the storage is not affected by the failure, the user’s original equipment can be returned to the user intact, and everything is contained in the welded storage.

The stolen file was a PDF file that included wiring diagrams and showed the layout of the MacBook Pro’s logic board. These designs are copyrights of Apple, and the company has not published them. But the maintenance staff said they should do this. The maintenance staff said that with the schematics, you still can’t make a mobile phone or a MacBook. These pictures basically show which part is connected to which part, and tell you the purpose of these parts and connections.

Although these special drawings point to a product that has not yet been released, the maintenance staff said that these diagrams are useful because many of the technologies used have not fundamentally changed. The exposed drawings show that Apple appears to have been using the same circuit for many years. There are many things that are the same, just a little bit changed.

The relevant drawings released by the hacker organization REvil on the Internet have since been deleted.

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