iPhone 12 production plummeted ~ Foxconn India factory affected by COVID-19

iPhone12 and 12 Pro

Reuters reported that the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in India has reduced the production of iPhone 12 at Foxconn’s Indian plant.

Positive reaction from more than 100 employees

Foxconn’s factory in Tamil Nadu produces the iPhone 12 for the Indian market, which is the second largest in the world.
The state has been severely affected by the second wave of coronavirus infection, and since this Monday, complete blockades have been taken, including the closure of public transportation and shops.
Foxconn’s Tamil Nadu plant has been banned from entry until the end of this month due to positive reactions from more than 100 employees for the new coronavirus infection.
Currently, it seems that employees are allowed to go out of the factory facility where the employee dormitory is located, but entry is prohibited and only part of the production line is maintained, Reuters said. Is telling.

Make a large investment in 2020

An informant to Reuters commented that “capacity has fallen below 50%.”
Last year, Foxconn invested $ 1 billion in an iPhone assembly plant in India to expand its scale and begin production of the iPhone 12.
Source: Reuters via GizmoChina
Photo: Apple

Source: iPhone Mania

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