Exposure that Apple will launch a Switch-like game console Lenovo YOGA tablet confirmed to be released on May 24

Exposure that Apple will launch a game console similar to Switch

Recently, there has been news that Apple is now developing a portable game console, which will use the latest SoC and be capable of ray tracing.

There was a revelation post on a Korean community website, Clien, stating that Apple is currently developing a game console similar to the Switch. There have also been reports before that Qualcomm is also studying similar products. And Apple is still developing the latest SoC, which will not be the A-series or M-series chipsets. Before, there was also a whistleblower MauriQHD who said that Apple is developing ARM-based game consoles, but he said that he will use A series chips, not the brand new chips mentioned in the post.

It is understood that the news also said that the performance of the SoC GPU of Apple’s game console will be enhanced and support ray tracing. Exclusive game.

But this news is not particularly certain now, because Apple may also cancel this project. Previous news stated that Apple is now making M1X or M2 chips for the future MacBook Pro. If the performance of this chipset can be used in the game Get a more convincing improvement, so Apple does not need to develop a separate chipset.

Lenovo YOGA tablet confirmed to be released on May 24

The Lenovo YOGA tablet has been warmed up several times and will be released soon. This tablet continues the classic design of the series, and the bracket structure has been changed to support the HDMI-in input of the Switch host.

Recently, Lenovo officially replied to netizens in the comment area that it would be released on May 24.

It is understood that the screen of this product uses a 13-inch 2K screen, and can support Dolby Vision, equipped with Dolby Atmos four speakers, and can use Xiaoxin stylus.

In addition, the Lenovo YOGA tablet can also support HDMI-in, can be used as an external monitor of the Switch game console, and can be hung on the wall. The Lenovo YOGA tablet has a USB-C port and a longer port, which may be used as an SD card slot or magnetic charging port. The tablet may use an 870 processor.

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