apple watch series 6

YouTube channel #iOS beta news, known for the concept design of unreleased devices, has released a concept video of “Apple Watch Series 6”. Unlike the conventional rectangular shape, it has a round shape.

There is almost no information other than being round

The concept video of “Apple Watch Series 6” released by #iOS beta news this time does not contain any information about the specifications of the device, and only reflects the concept design from various angles.

You can see that the device has a round round case instead of the conventional square case and has some kind of sensor on the back side, but it is no exaggeration to say that there is almost no other information ..

apple watch series 6

Round Apple Watch predictions in the past

The possibility that a round case will be adopted for the next Apple Watch has already been pointed out, and a highly complete concept video was released in February this year.

It has just been reported that the JDI display will continue to be used in the Apple Watch Series 6. It has been pointed out that the display area of ​​Series 6 can be expanded with the bezelless, and it is rumored that it will detect drowning conditions, detect stress and hyperventilation, and will have blood oxygen saturation measurement functions.

Source:#iOS beta news/YouTube

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