According to foreign media reports, according to a report released on Thursday, Apple is taking the necessary precautions to protect its employees to slowly return to the Apple Park in Cupertino. The report outlines the company’s plan to prevent the spread of new coronavirus. Bloomberg quoted insiders as saying that employees will face a series of workplace changes after arriving at Apple’s headquarters.

Apple adopts new crown virus security measures for employees returning to the park: including providing testing

All employees must wear a mask and undergo a temperature check when they arrive at the Apple Park. Employees can also choose to conduct a nasal swab test to screen for viruses. However, the frequency at which this particular test is performed or will be provided is unknown.

Once in the company, employees’ activities are restricted to prevent unnecessary contact with others. For example, the kitchen in some lounges is closed, and the elevator is limited to two people at a time.

At present, only a few important employees are allowed to return to the Apple campus, and the remaining employees will return in the coming months.

Bloomberg reported in May that some people have returned to the Apple Park to work on key projects. These positions include data center managers, software engineers, network Apple store staff and hardware testers.

The media pointed out that Apple plans to recall more employees in the second resumption phase in July, but these claims have been questioned by John Gruber of Daring Fireball. According to sources, the tech giant has yet to determine a timetable for the second or third phase, and it does not plan to allow all of its office staff to resume work until the epidemic is brought under control.

Today’s report also pointed out that executives will also return to work in the Apple campus, like Apple’s retail and human resources director Deirdre O’brien recently posted in a video sent to employees at the company’s headquarters.

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