In recent releases of the iPhone, in addition to regular hardware and function updates, a new color scheme will be fired, such as local tyrant gold and rose gold in the early years, and the midnight green new with the iPhone 11 series released last year and once hot. Color matching. American designer Mauro Battino speculates that iPhone 12 may have a new navy blue color to replace midnight green.

  As the news of this prediction continues to ferment on the Internet, “iPhone12 may have a new navy blue color” on Weibo, and it has become a topic that netizens are very concerned about. It seems that people do not have too much sense of the iPhone 12 step-by-step hardware upgrade, but the new color scheme has become an important means to attract players’ attention.

  iPhone12 or a new navy blue color

  In fact, this is not difficult to understand. Apple has never had to worry about the experience level. Its own processor has also dominated for many years, and it can only use its own space where there is no comparison. Even on the Apple website, you can’t see how much memory the iPhone has. Don’t worry about these unimportant things. Anyway, it’s sure to keep you smooth and easy to use. No wonder the new color scheme has become a hot spot~

  However, as usual, people still need to predict the changes of the new iPhone 12 and it is generally true… It is said that the shape of the Apple iPhone 12 is redesigned, and the main adjustment is the middle frame. The Apple team will use the current iPad Pro’s flat concept to create a new stainless steel frame instead of the current rounded style.

  In addition to the iPhone 12 or a new navy blue color, the appearance of the iPhone 12 series should be returned to the iPhone 4 design, as if returning to the era of the iPhone 4 that Steve Jobs and Ivy fought. Another change in the iPhone 12 series may be the reduction of bangs, and Apple is doing research and technical preparations for removing the bangs trenches with proactive, Face ID and other components hidden on the front.

  In addition to the iPhone 12 or the new navy blue color, the hardware configuration of the iPhone 12 does not have much suspense. Apple may have 4 iPhone 12 series this year, the top version is iPhone 12 Pro Max. The four models support 5G networks and come standard with a 5nm A14 Bionic processor, which greatly improves energy efficiency. The main difference between them is the number of cameras, screen material and frame material, thickness.

  iPhone12 may have a new navy blue color, so do you like this color?