Will Folding iPhone Appear?? Unknown when, specs, codenames, everything

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Interesting leak information was posted that a folding iPhone will appear, but the expected release time, development status, code name, specifications, etc. are unknown, and replies requesting such information from other Twitter users are in sequence. .. The foldable iPhone is a featured product with many concept videos.

Tweet by Apple RUMORs (LEAKS)

The tweet that the iPhone 13 will have a mini LED display provided topics that could lead to controversy among other Twitter users, such as “Is it going to be downgraded from OLED?” LEAKS) posted information that suggests the appearance of a folding iPhone.

This tweet contains urgent replies that question the credibility, perhaps because the release target time, development status, code name, etc., that only the leaker can know are not included. I will.

It seems to refer to this information, but he posted in a previous tweet that he got information from four sources. Since it is a product that is expected to appear, it is speculated that users responding to this tweet may want to know detailed information quickly.

In addition, there are rumors of supplier sources saying that a folding iPad will appear, and some Twitter users expect that the folding device will be an iPad instead of an iPhone. However, it is reported that Apple has also obtained a patent that could lead to a folding iPhone.

The position of a leaker seems to be a lot of work

The other day, the tweet that the iPhone 13 has a mini LED display became a big topic because it was taken up by EverythingApplePro’s YouTube channel, but Apple RUMORs (LEAKS)’s information is “It depends on accuracy, other It seems that some Twitter users feel that they are just copying and pasting the leaker information.

EverythingApplePro also received a severe reply that “it will be a story for earning a number of views”.

Controversy between Mr. Prosser and 9to5Mac?

Regarding leak information, John Prosser, who had consistently predicted the announcement date of iPhone SE (2nd generation) on April 15th, will release 9to5Mac within one week at the end of March. Prosser’s Twitter replied, “Your leak information was wrong,” he said.

After that, since 9to5Mac did not announce the iPhone SE (2nd generation) at the expected date, Mr. Prosser was angry at Mr. Zack Hall on FRONT PAGE TECH’s YouTube channel this time.

If the leak information on the YouTube channel becomes a hot topic, it may lead to profits, but considering that there are severe comments from users, the leaker business seems to be laborious. In order to solve it, leak information based on information that only insiders can know, it seems that Mr. Prosser’s reliability and accuracy rate is high.

iPhone12 Flip Concept Video

Expectations for a folding iPhone can be confirmed by the fact that the iPhone 12 Flip concept video was released and recorded 980,000 views.

Only the long-awaited product, Apple RUMORs (LEAKS), such as “future”, such as a future release, Twitter users do not feel that concrete release forecast time, development status, code name, etc. Twitter users may want unique information that is different from other leakers.

However, like the prediction that the quad camera will be mounted on the iPhone 13, the leak information at the conceptual stage may develop into a predicted battle between the leakers.

Click here for a concept video of the iPhone 12 Flip, a folding iPhone.

Source:Apple RUMORs (LEAKS)/Twitter, Cuve/Twitter, Speaking Facts/Twitter, KabayanTayo/Twitter
Photo:Concepts iPhone/YouTube

Source: iPhone Mania

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