All 10 Apple stores in Japan have resumed operations-What should I be aware of when visiting the store?

apple Marunouchi

From Wednesday, June 3, eight stores, Apple Ginza, Apple Kyoto, Apple Marunouchi, Apple Shinsaibashi, Apple Kawasaki, Apple Shinjuku, Apple Shibuya, and Apple Omotesando will be reopened after Corona, and all 10 stores in Japan will be open. It has been restarted, but there are reports that the response when visiting the store is different from the expectation.

Longer queues than expected

With the reopening of Apple Nagoya Sakae and Apple Fukuoka on May 27 and other stores reopening on June 3, all domestic Apple Stores have resumed operations.

The official Apple website states, “In order to ensure the safety of our customers and staff, and to maintain a social distance, we may wait for a while to enter the store depending on the congestion situation. Please understand beforehand. Please wear a mask while visiting. If you do not have it, please tell the staff.” It seems that it is only admission restrictions and mandatory mask wearing, but I actually visited the store Some people have responded differently than expected.

First of all, there are strict restrictions on admission, so it may take longer than expected to enter the store.

On the day of the reopening, there are lines of considerable length in Apple Ginza, and some people have given up on entering the store.

At Apple Kyoto, it was reported that the rows outside the store were slightly dense, probably because the sidewalks were narrow.

Is it hard to stop by?

It is suggested that it is better to clarify the purpose of purchasing or repairing when visiting the Apple Store, and make a reservation and then visit the store at a specified time.

It is said that the line at the time of entering the store is divided into three according to the purpose, but it seems that some people were refused the store because there was no reservation.

Others have even booked repairs and took longer than expected.

Is it easy to purchase online or receive at the store?

Some people seem to have been able to respond smoothly if they completed the purchase online in advance and chose to pick it up at the store.


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