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Apple obtained a patent for “a new computing device with a peripheral housing with a storage space” at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on June 2, 2020 local time. The product forecast drawing drawn in the image showing this patent content is reminiscent of the VAIO QR1 pipe frame design.

A frame with a storage space is provided around the display

iPad housing patent_VAIO QR1

According to Patently Apple, the patent acquired this time relates to “a computing device that has a housing with a storage space”, and the media shows the contents of the patent in an easy-to-understand image, such as iPad Pro (2020). You can see the cylindrical housing located around the display.

Part of the housing is made up of Apple Pencil. In addition to serving as a stand, the housing also has a storage space inside, and it seems that it is supposed to store a thin keyboard there, Patently Apple explains.

“Bio QR” to enjoy putting and holding


The product forecast diagram published by Patently Apple seems to be “VAIO QR1”, a PC that appeared with a design based on a pipe chair.

Launched in November 2000, “Pipe Chair PC: VAIO QR (QR1)” has emerged as an ambitious product that adopts the concept of carrying a handle and carrying it like a bag.


The VAIO QR1 underwent a full model change one year after its release and evolved into the VAIO QR3, but the design taste of the QR1 was lost from this successor.

IBook (G3 clamshell) comes first in design with handle

iBook G3

An Apple product with a handle and an easy-to-carry design is the iBook (G3 clamshell), launched in July 1999.

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