WatchOS7’s automatic hand-washing detection has been in development for many years


WatchOS7, which was announced at Apple’s World Developer Conference (WWDC20), includes automatic hand-washing detection as one of its new features, but this feature was not created as a countermeasure against the new corona, and has been around for several years. It became clear that development had already started.

Function completed after years of trial and error

watchOS7 uses motion sensors, microphones, and machine learning on the device to automatically detect hand-washing movements and sounds. When a user is detected to be washing their hands, a 20-second countdown timer will automatically start, prompting you to continue more if you have less time to wash your hands. In addition, it is part of the function that the Apple Watch informs the user to wash their hands when returning home.

WatchOS7’s automatic hand-washing detection seems to be a function introduced in time with the pandemic of the new coronavirus, but in fact it has already been developed for several years and the result of trial and error over many years. Kevin Lynch, vice president of technology at Apple, told TechCrunch.

Possibility of COVID-19 measures using Apple Watch

Apple has not yet issued an official opinion on how the Apple Watch can help prevent new coronavirus infections (COVID-19), but “I’m exploring the COVID traceability of the Apple Watch.” We don’t, but we want to support research in the medical community,” said Sambul Ahmad Desai, Apple’s Vice President of Healthcare.

Fitbit, a wearable device development company, announced that it may start research for early detection of COVID-19 in May, so it is speculated that Apple Watch may be used for corona countermeasures in the future. ..

Source: TechCrunch, Apple

Source: iPhone Mania

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