Apple Music lossless audio needs to be re-downloaded to replace local files

Apple introduced an obvious but possibly overlooked issue with spatial audio on Apple Music. With the new Dolby Atmos format track support, users need to download these tracks again.

Apple Music users with a large offline music library will soon face the troublesome task of re-downloading Dolby Atmos tracks if they want to enjoy spatial audio.

Apple Music lossless audio needs to be re-downloaded to replace local files

As Apple pointed out in a support document updated on Wednesday, users who want to listen to the spatial audio version of songs they have downloaded from Apple Music will need to manually delete and re-download the Dolby Atmos and stereo versions.

What makes this process more troublesome is Apple Music’s handling of downloaded tracks. Currently, the app defaults to the version on the existing device, and there is no alternative to streaming new spatial audio combinations. This means that listeners are forced to delete the track, at which time they can download it again, or stream it without saving it for offline listening.

Make sure that Dolby Atmos content is being downloaded. On iOS, this can be done by navigating to Settings>Music and turning on “Download with Dolby Atmos”.

You can also do the same on the Mac, select “Download on Dolby Atmos” in the general section of “Music”> “Preferences”.

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