It was announced that macOS Big Sur, whose outline was announced at WWDC held last month, will be equipped with a new interface, control center, widgets, etc. Is improving. One of them is faster OS update.

Process some in background

The current macOS update takes a relatively long time, and sometimes it takes nearly an hour to update. During that time, users may find their Mac inconvenient and inconvenient. In order to eliminate this inconvenience, macOS Big Sur announced last month will finish part of the update process in the background, which will shorten the installation time.

macOS Big Sur icon_04

It is thought that speeding up the update is similar to the update method already adopted in iOS, and it is expected to reduce user stress by shortening the installation time. If the OS update time is shortened, the user can install the latest OS in a timeless manner. This is a positive security feature, and is an expected feature in terms of convenience and safety.

By the way, the fast installation function is built into macOS Big Sur, and updates to Big Sur will be installed at the same speed as before. You can experience the fast update only after the first update of macOS Big Sur.


Source: iPhone Mania