Seeking Samsung, former Apple and former AMD engineers-for developing their own CPU

Image of Samsung's Exynos SoC

Apple has its own CPU and GPU on its iPhones and iPads, and it’s doing the same with the M1 chip on the Mac. This strategy seems to have been very successful in terms of performance, but Samsung seems to be considering the same. Samsung is looking for former Apple and former AMD engineers for their own custom CPU designs.

Samsung not satisfied with Arm’s CPU performance

Samsung’s flagship smartphones today are equipped with Samsung’s own system-on-chip (SoC) Exynos or Qualcomm’s SoC Snapdragon, both of which have Arm CPUs. I will.
However, Samsung doesn’t seem to be happy with Arm’s CPU performance and seems to be trying to design its own CPU.

Looking for ex-Apple and ex-AMD engineers Samsung

In fact, Samsung used to have an in-house team called Moongose ​​that specializes in custom CPU design, but it closed in November 2019.
Samsung is currently looking for former Apple and former AMD engineers to design their own CPUs again.
One of Samsung’s lovecall engineers is said to have played a major role in the development of Apple’s custom chipsets.
Besides Samsung, Qualcomm has acquired Nuvia and is working on its own CPU design.
Nuvia was founded in 2019 by three former Apple semiconductor leaders who lead the development of the A-series.

Source: Wccftech

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