German government launches Apple investigation, focusing on market monopoly on App Store

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The British media BBC reported on June 22 that the Federal Cartel Office of the German government has begun an investigation into Apple.

Survey on market monopoly

The Federal Cartel Office in Germany is a government agency that monitors companies to ensure fair competition in the market, and is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.
In Germany, the competition-related law was amended in 2021, and among the big tech companies called GAFA, Facebook, Amazon, and Google other than Apple have already been investigated.
Federal Cartel Office Secretary Andreas Mundt said in a statement that Apple has a tremendous influence on app developers and others through the App Store. “We will conduct an App Store-focused survey.” I announced.
According to the Federal Cartel Agency’s announcement, there are many opinions that Apple is abusing its monopoly position to unfairly hinder market competition, and 30% paid by the app developer called “Apple tax” It has been criticized for its fees and Apple’s pre-installed in-house apps on the iPhone.
In addition, it seems that the advertising industry has criticized Apple’s strengthened privacy protection.

Survey target in each country

Apple has been investigated by antitrust government agencies around the world, for example, the United States, Russia and the EU are investigating Apple, and members of the Japan Fair Trade Commission also monitor it. I have stated that.
On the other hand, analysts say that even if the government regulates it, the impact on Apple will be limited.
Source: German Federal Cartel Agency via BBC

Source: iPhone Mania

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