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What kind of company is China BOE, which is rumored to start supplying organic EL (OLED) displays from the 2021 iPhone model? The British media Wired has compiled background information on BOE.

BOE missed the supply chain this year

The iPhone 12 series, which was officially announced to be released several weeks later than usual this fall, will use OLED displays for all models, roughly two-thirds Samsung and the remaining three-thirds It has just been told recently that LG Display will supply 1.

Although we missed entering the display supply chain of new iPhone models in 2020, BOE, a Chinese company that is said to start supplying OLED displays to Apple from next year, is now attracting attention.

Currently the second largest OLED shipment in the world

Little-known, BOE is the number one display manufacturer in China, producing screens for smartphones, TVs, and other appliances and appliances.

BOE was founded in Beijing, the capital of China in 1993, acquired STN LCD and OLED business of SK Hynix in Korea in 2001, and is now the second largest shipment of flexible OLED in the world. In the first quarter (January-March), it has reached 11% of the market share.

Is BOE’s OLED display comparable to Samsung’s?

Samsung has an overwhelming presence with an 81% share of the OLED market in the first quarter of 2020, but BOE supplies Huawei’s high-end P-series and Mate-series OLED displays. And this year’s Huawei Mate 40 also has a BOE display.

Huawei’s folding smartphone Mate X also uses BOE’s OLED display, but compared to Samsung’s display equipped Galaxy Fold, there are few trouble reports and it seems that it is not inferior in quality at all.

BOE is already in Apple’s supply chain

BOE is already in charge of producing LCDs for old iPhone models and small OLED panels for some Apple Watch models, and is not without a single supplier contract with Apple.

BOE has emerged as a potential supplier for the iPhone for several years, but it is said that display quality has not yet reached the level required by Apple.

Earlier this year, BOE was reported to invest to set up an Apple-only OLED module production line. Nikkei has just announced that there is a good chance that BOE’s OLED display will be adopted by the iPhone in 2021.

Source: iPhone Mania