Microsoft seems to be considering acquiring TikTok’s US business.

President Trump orders Tik Tok’s US business sale

According to media media Bloomberg, TikTok’s parent company ByteDance seemed to have been considering changing its business in the United States as the US government tightened its concerns over national security.

Bloomberg also reports that President Donald Trump plans to order ByteDance to sell TikTok’s US operations. It is possible that the sale order may be signed as early as July 31 local time.

The U.S. government has long been considering restricting the use of the app in the United States, saying that the TikTok has a Chinese government behind it and can be a tool for user monitoring and propaganda.

Sold to Microsoft

Microsoft is emerging as the seller of TikTok. According to information received by Bloomberg, the company is in talks with ByteDance about the acquisition of TikTok’s US business.


Source: iPhone Mania