Cook said that Apple Silicon processors will not be sold

Today, Apple announced its financial report data for the new quarter (2020 Q3 fiscal quarter), exceeding Wall Street expectations.

In the communication session, Apple also shared many important news, such as the new generation of iPhone will not be postponed in September, but will be postponed for several weeks.

In addition, Cook also responded to the Apple Silicon processor that PC users are concerned about.

According to foreign media reports, when asked about the topic of Apple Silicon, although Cook refused to make a promise of never selling, he almost bluntly denied it, emphasizing that “Apple likes to make a complete set of products.”

Cook also pointed out that “the reason for making Apple Silicon is that we can reshape products in ways that were not possible in the past, and bring better user experience. Based on this, all products have a unified architecture that allows us to make some Something more interesting”.

Cook, who is afraid that analysts will continue to ask questions, ended up with “I don’t want to disclose too much, I can only say that it is very exciting.”

According to the plan, Apple will use two years to switch the Mac product line from Intel processors to the Apple Silicon platform based on ARM’s reduced instruction set. It is said that the CPU/GPU parts are from self-developed, like the current A series processors.

Cook said that Apple Silicon processors will not be sold

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