Chrome beta for iOS, passwords stored in Chrome can be used in other apps


Google announced a new feature on July 30th local time for iPhone users using the Chrome beta. This allows other apps to use the password stored in Chrome on the same device.

Chrome now available as a password management option

If you want to recall the password stored in Chrome,[パスワードとアカウント]To the item[パスワードの自動入力]Select the option[Chrome]Choose.

With this feature enabled, Chrome will act as a password management option, similar to other password management apps like iCloud Keychain and 1Password. Existing password management apps can be selected as an option to search for a password when logging into the app, but Chrome will also be an option.

The new features are currently available in Chrome Beta for iOS, but it’s unclear when the official version will be released.


Source: iPhone Mania

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