“PayPay card” is born “Yahoo! JAPAN card” continues


Z Holdings and Z Financial have announced that they will unify the company names and service names of six financial operating companies under the umbrella of Z Holdings or invested by Z Holdings under the “PayPay” brand in the autumn of 2020.

What is “PayPay”?

PayPay is a smartphone payment service jointly funded by SoftBank Group, SoftBank and Yahoo. By installing the PayPay app on your smartphone, anyone can use it, not just SoftBank users. There is “Yahoo! JAPAN Card” as a related credit card, and it is possible to charge from this credit card only from this card (Although other companies’ credit cards can also be set, they cannot be charged and are used for payment. If you do, you will not be eligible for the PayPay bonus).

Z Holdings financial services unified under the “PayPay” brand

PayPay brand

From the autumn of 2020, Z Holdings and Z Financial will unify the company names and service names of the six financial operating companies under the umbrella of Z Holdings or invested by Z Holdings under the “PayPay” brand.

Until now, Yahoo, which is a subsidiary of Z Holdings, has strengthened its cooperation with PayPay by introducing “PayPay” payments to the online services it provides and launching “PayPay Flea Market” and “PayPay Mall”. Behind this, we aim to accelerate the growth of the commerce business by incorporating PayPay users whose cumulative number of users has exceeded 30 million (as of June 2020). Similarly, the move to unify the brand this time is to strengthen the cooperation with PayPay for the financial services provided by the financial companies under the control of Z Holdings or in which Z Holdings invests to grow the financial business.

The specific plans for changing the company name and service name are as follows.

PayPay brand

Finally born! “PayPay Card”

It is important to note that while the company name and service name of each company will be unified to “PayPay”, “Yahoo! JAPAN Card” will continue and a separate “PayPay Card” service will be developed. Among the smartphone payment services, PayPay was late in terms of cooperation with credit cards (d payment, au PAY, and LINE Pay have credit cards bearing their names).

Even today, the only credit card that can be charged to PayPay has the characteristic that it is a Yahoo! JAPAN card, but there are few points of contact with PayPay, and the points that can be accumulated using credit cards are also “T points”. did. Considering that “d-payments/d-cards will both earn d-points”, “au PAY/au PAY-cards will both give Ponta points”, and “LINE Pay/‪Visa‬LINE Pay‪credit cards will both give LINE points”. The link between PayPay and Yahoo! JAPAN card was not enough.

What are your plans for the future?

PayPay has the concept of “making it a super app” that makes users’ lives richer and more convenient. A super app is an app that allows you to access various services with a single app. In Japan, it is realized by LINE, which is planned to be integrated with Z Holdings.

The PayPay app is being updated daily to become a super app, such as point operation already linked to One Tap BUY and the PayPay mall and PayPay flea market can be used without installing a separate app. Z Holdings plans to continue expanding its financial services such as “loans” and “insurance”.

In addition, in line with the brand unification, various campaigns such as the PayPay card campaign will be held sequentially from this fall.

Source: Z Holdings, Z Financial
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