Facebook to be vigilant on iOS 14, which will have a major impact on the advertising business

In iOS14, the privacy function has been greatly enhanced so that user tracking can be blocked. But the cost of this enhancement is Facebook, which has grown in the advertising business.

Be wary of ad restrictions

Facebook’s Chief Financial Officer David Wehner pointed out today at Apple’s attempt to control an ad tracker on iOS would have a major impact on social networks at a earnings call yesterday.

IOS14, which is scheduled to be released this fall, has a function to limit “targeting” to place optimized advertisements by tracking user trends, and the second quarter (April to June) It seems that the impact on Facebook, which recorded 118.7 billion dollars (about 1,951 billion yen) in revenue, up 11% year on year, cannot be ignored.

“We are in the process of trying to understand what the change in specifications is and how it will affect us and others in the industry,” says Wener. “At least on Facebook and other platforms. For application developers and others who are trying to expand using advertising, we will be in a more difficult situation,” he said.

Google, which also makes money in the advertising business, suffers

Facebook isn’t the only company expected to suffer from the advent of iOS14.

It is expected that many of Google’s tracking will be blocked by Safari’s new feature “Privacy Report” introduced in iOS14. Many of the trackers on the web are said to be under the control of Google.

In addition, “estimated location information” that only discloses rough location information up to 10 square miles (about 25.9 square kilometers) makes it difficult to track the user’s location in detail.


Source: iPhone Mania

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