People familiar with the matter said that Apple’s iPhone’s main foundry is expected to be approved to participate in a US$6.6 billion investment incentive plan launched by the Indian government aimed at improving Indian manufacturing.

Foreign media: iPhone manufacturers Foxconn, Wistron, etc. were selected to participate in India’s $6.6 billion project

The source said that at the cabinet meeting to be held on Wednesday, the Indian government is expected to approve a plan to achieve a mobile phone output value of US$150 billion in the next five years. Among the more than ten mobile phone manufacturers approved by the Indian government to enjoy this incentive policy, Apple’s main suppliers are Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron Corp.. Among them, Foxconn and Pegatron have submitted two applications. The iPhones produced by Apple’s three OEMs are almost sold globally, and these iPhones are currently produced by the three OEMs mainly in factories in China.

According to the Production-Based Incentive Program (PLI) introduced by India, manufacturing incentives have been strengthened year by year to attract the world’s largest smartphone brands to produce products in India and export them to the world. In addition to Apple’s foundries, South Korea’s Samsung Electronics is also one of the foreign companies that have obtained the approval of the Indian government to enjoy this investment incentive policy. However, what has attracted the attention of the outside world is that China’s Huawei and OPPO and vivo brand mobile phone parent company BBK Group are absent from this plan.

“This is a deliberate action aimed at attracting Apple to bring important iPhone manufacturing to India. When iPhone manufacturers move, the entire ecosystem will follow,” Director of Lava International, India’s largest local mobile phone manufacturer President and founder Hari Om Rai said, “India will see major changes in mobile phone manufacturing in the next five years.”

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