The United States Apple updated the support page of product warranty extension service “AppleCare +” on September 15, local time. Previously, the warranty against accidental damage was up to twice every 24 months, but with this update it has been changed to up to twice every 12 months. Currently, in Japan, you can get the warranty up to twice a year.

iPhone screen repair available for $ 29

The changed AppleCare + warranty also applies to new Apple Watch models and iPhones. This is a change made prior to the launch of the iPhone 12 and is also applicable to Macs and iPads.
For accidental damage, service charges will vary depending on the repair and device. For example, for an iPhone, you’ll have to pay $ 29 to repair the screen, and $ 99 for other damage. In Japan, the service charge for screen damage is 3,700 yen (tax included), and for other damage caused by negligence or accident, it is 12,900 yen (tax included).
Apple has reduced the service charge to guarantee against theft or loss of iPhones, and currently the service charge for all iPhones is $ 149 (about 15,600 yen). In the past, service charges for theft or loss required $ 149 to $ 269 (about 28,300 yen). Currently, the service charge for theft or loss in Japan is 12,900 yen (tax included).
Source: AppleCare Products via MacRumors

Source: iPhone Mania