Apple One

“Apple One” is a service that allows you to use all the subscription services provided by Apple at a great value. We examined how much it is profitable and what kind of users are profitable.

Two types, individual plan and family plan

At the “Time Flies” event on September 15, local time, Apple announced that it will offer “Apple One,” which is a collection of paid services, from the fall of 2020.
Apple One

You can sign up for a combination of Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, and iCloud storage in Japan, with individual and family plans available. Family plans allow up to 6 people to share services, and iCloud storage can share capacity.
The price of Apple One is 1,100 yen / month for the individual plan and 1,850 yen / month for the family plan, and the contents are as follows.

  • Apple Music
  • Apple TV +
  • Apple Arcade
  • iCloud storage (individual: 50GB, family: 200GB)

Apple One


Compare with single contract amount

The following is a comparison with the case where each service for Apple One is contracted separately.

Service name Single contract fee
Single contract fee
Apple Music 980 yen / month 1480 yen / month
Apple TV + 600 yen / month 600 yen / month
Apple Arcade 600 yen / month 600 yen / month
iCloud storage 50GB: 130 yen / month 200GB: 400 yen / month
Total single contract amount 2,310 yen / month 3,080 yen / month
Apple One 1,100 yen / month 1,850 yen / month
Difference from a single contract 1,210 yen / month 1,230 yen / month
(Reference) Apple Music + iCloud 1,110 yen / month 1,880 yen / month


Almost the same price as Apple Music + iCloud storage

Of the charges for each service, you can see that the total monthly charge for Apple Music and iCloud storage (¥ 1,110 / month for individuals and ¥ 1,880 / month for families) and the monthly charge for Apple One are almost the same.
This means that if you have a paid plan for Apple Music and iCloud Storage, you’ll get Apple TV + and Apple Arcade for free if you sign up for Apple One.
If you share iCloud storage with your family and 200GB isn’t enough, you can purchase the storage plan you need separately and add more capacity. The upper plan of 200GB is 2TB (1,300 yen / month).

Unregistered service is free for the first month

For each service included in Apple One, you can try all unsubscribed services as a free trial for the first month, and your monthly plan will be renewed after the free period ends.
Apple TV + is free for one year when you purchase and register products such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and Apple Music student plan subscribers also get free.
Apple TV + has released a number of works in audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, which allows you to enjoy the latest firmware delivered to AirPods Pro and spatial audio that can be used with iOS 14.
Source: Apple

Source: iPhone Mania