Pokemon GO

Niantic, the developer and operator of Pokemon GO, announced on September 16 that it has released the next version of Pokemon GO “ver.0.187.0” compatible with iOS14.

iOS14 compatible ver0.187.0 released

Apple has announced that it will release the official version of iOS 14 from September 16th, local time (September 17th, Japan time).
In response to this, Niantic, the operator and developer of Pokemon GO, has released the next version that will be supported by users who are using iOS devices and want to continue playing because Pokemon GO is not compatible with iOS 14 at the moment. I was calling not to update until it was done.

However, three hours after the announcement, the company announced that it has released the next version ver0.187.0 of Pokemon GO compatible with iOS 14. Users can update to the latest version from the App Store.

Get free items

Niantic has also announced that it will be giving away free items to all trainers starting tomorrow following the delay in supporting iOS 14. The contents of the gift are not disclosed.
Source: Twitter (Niantic)
Photo: flickr-Eduardo Woo

Source: iPhone Mania