Apple announced at an online event held early on the 16th of Japan time that it will partner with the Singaporean government for health promotion activities. Apple and the Singaporean government will jointly design iPhone and Apple Watch apps to improve the health of the people.

Provides health app Lumi Health

Lumi Health, an app jointly developed and designed by Apple and Singapore’s Health Promotion Commission, uses technology and behavioral insights to help Singapore citizens maintain their health and achieve wellness challenges through their Apple Watch and iPhone. It is made. The app works with Apple Watch activity apps, iPhone reminders, and more to help you reach your daily exercise and activity goals set for each user.

Lumi Health also encourages users to participate in wellness challenges such as “getting a health checkup and vaccination,” “improving sleep habits and mindfulness,” and “promoting healthier diet choices.” It is also.
By achieving these challenges and daily goals, the app works with games that allow characters to explore the world and help users return. In addition, during the two-year program period, there is an opportunity to win a prize of up to S $ 380 (about 30,000 yen), which is a device that allows the people to maintain and improve their health while having fun at Lumi Health and with clear goals. Is also built in.
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This is the first time Apple has partnered with the government on this type of app, and if it makes a big difference in Singapore, the partnership could spread to many countries around the world.
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