Apple provides FBI with information on Molotov cocktail demonstrators-contributing to arrest

The relationship between Apple and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which has the image of a “dog-monkey friend,” is not always hostile. It turns out that Apple was cooperating in a background check on a man who set fire to a police vehicle.

Apple’s information provision is the decisive factor

Demonstrations in various parts of the United States triggered by the assault of George Floyd by police still do not seem to subside. Many of the demonstrations, called the BLM movement, are peaceful, but in some cases they can lead to riots, including arson, assault, and looting, and local governments are struggling to respond. Meanwhile, it was discovered that Apple was cooperating in the arrest of a man who threw a Molotov cocktail into a police vehicle at a demonstration in Seattle.
According to media reports, the FBI was investigating the identity of the criminal from surveillance cameras and SNS after a police vehicle was burned in a Molotov cocktail at the end of May. As a result, it was found from the records of US carrier giant Verizon that he was using the iPhone 7 as well as the name and location of the criminal.
According to the FBI, when they asked Apple for iCloud information about the criminal, the company sent a large amount of evidence-based material. This also revealed that some of the “photos” on the iPhone owned by the criminal included screenshots of Instagram with a demo post and a Molotov cocktail ingredient list. The video stored in my iCloud account also showed a black bag filled with green glasses of suspicious liquid. In addition, it seems that the image of the bottle thrown at the police vehicle and the figure of the person who throws the flame bottle and rejoices in front of the camera were also confirmed.
Apple’s set of evidence was the deciding factor in the arrest of the perpetrator, who was charged in mid-September with illegal possession of goods that could lead to property damage.

I’m not entirely facing the FBI

Apple is showing a full-fledged confrontation with the FBI regarding the iPhone unlocking issue of mass shootings, but there are many cases where it responds to FBI requests, not limited to this case.
In fact, in 2016 it was discovered that iMessage information was partially disclosed to law enforcement agencies, and in 2020, at the request of the FBI, plans to fully encrypt iPhone backup data in iCloud. It is reported that he gave up.
Source: Forbes

Source: iPhone Mania

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