LG develops material for folding smartphones that is as hard as glass and bends like plastic

LG Chem's Real Folding Window

Folding Smartphone displays are made of soft materials due to the constraint that they must be folded. For this reason, users have complained that the screen is easily scratched.
The new display cover material developed by LG is bent like plastic but hard like glass, which may help the spread of folding smartphones.

LG’s new folding smartphone material “Real Folding Window”

The material for this display cover was developed by LG Chem of the LG Group and named “Real Folding Window”.
A new material is coated on both sides of PET film, which is a type of plastic, to a thickness of several tens of micrometers.
As a result, we have achieved the same hardness as the tempered glass used for general smartphone displays, even though it is thinner and bendable.
It is also superior to existing polymide films in terms of price, and it is said that durability will be maintained even if it is bent more than 200,000 times.
Another feature is that it can be used not only for smartphones whose screen can be folded inward, but also for smartphones whose screen can be folded outward.

Hard to scratch and creases are inconspicuous

Conventional folding smartphones have the problem that they are easily scratched because the display surface is made of a soft material.
If this Real Folding Window has the hardness of glass, it seems that it can be used in the same way as a normal smartphone.
In addition, it is said that the problem of conspicuous creases when unfolded, which is a drawback of folding smartphones, has been greatly improved.
This Real Folding Window is scheduled to go on sale in earnest in 2023.
Folding smartphones are projected to ship 10 times more than 2020 in 2023, and Samsung is also increasing its production capacity for foldable displays.
Apple is also expected to launch a foldable iPhone in 2023.

Source: LG Chem via 9to5Google

Source: iPhone Mania

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