[Twitter questionnaire]Which iPhone 12 do you buy? The most is “mini” 33%

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iPhone Mania conducted a Twitter survey to vote on “Which model of the iPhone 12 series to buy” from four options. The total number of votes was 1,551, with the largest number being “iPhone 12 mini” with 33.1%.

The second place by a small margin is “iPhone 12 Pro” which started reservation the other day

The questionnaire was conducted from October 14th to 17th, 2020 using the iPhone Mania official Twitter account (@iPhoneMania_jp). We received many retweets and likes. Thank you for your cooperation.

The most common was the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini. The iPhone12 mini has a new display size of 5.4 inches for the iPhone series, and is characterized by its compact body size. The specs are the same as the iPhone 12, and it is attracting a lot of attention for those who were looking for a “small iPhone”.
iPhone12 iPhone12 mini

The second place with a 1.8 point difference was “iPhone 12 Pro” with 31.3%, followed by “iPhone 12 Pro Max” and “iPhone 12”.
In quotes and retweets, there were comments such as “iPhone12 mini is good, but it is difficult to type because it is keyboard input. Reserve iPhone12 Pro” and “iPhone12 is the most unpopular is surprising”.

Which color do you buy?After all popular new colors gather

In addition, the questionnaire for “Which color do you plan to purchase if you are considering purchasing iPhone 12/12 Pro?” 946 votes were collected. Thank you for your cooperation.

iPhone12, “blue” is 44.5%

The most chosen color for the iPhone 12 was the new blue (44.5%). This was followed by the existing colors “Black or White” (29.5%), “Green” (13.9%), and “(PRODUCT) RED” (12.1%).

Nearly half of iPhone12 Pro is “Pacific Blue”

45.5% of those who are considering purchasing iPhone12 Pro answered “Pacific Blue”. Next, “graphite” was 20.1%, “gold” was 18.3%, and “silver” was 16.2%, showing no significant difference except for Pacific Blue.
The new blue color has tended to be popular for both iPhone12 and iPhone12 Pro, but looking at the shipping date information of the Apple Store, the latest shipping date information was silver (30 minutes after the reservation started). It was (total capacity).

I thought that new colors such as blue would become popular, so I chose the existing colors to avoid them, but there is a possibility that the existing colors are out of stock first. Alternatively, the number of stocks differs depending on the color, and new colors such as blue, green, and graphite may have been secured in excess.

iPhone12 mini / 12 Pro Max will start accepting reservations from November 6th (Friday)

Reservations for iPhone12 and iPhone12 Pro will begin on October 16th (Friday) and will be released on October 23rd (Friday). The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max, which were the most popular in this survey, will be available for pre-order at the Apple Store, carriers, and major consumer electronics retailers from Friday, November 6th.
If you are waiting for a reservation for iPhone12 mini / 12 Pro Max, you can either avoid new colors and use existing colors, or you can use your favorite colors every day! It seems that I will have a new color or I will spend more troublesome days.
iPhone Mania has opened a bulletin board where you can exchange information on reservations, arrivals, and inventory status of the iPhone 12 series. Please use it as a reference for selecting a model to reserve and a place to purchase.

Click here if you want to know the difference in specifications of the 4 models of iPhone12, or if you want to know the reservation / arrival status!

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