iPhone 12 series devices will adopt new screen size logical resolution

Information Apple held a new product launch conference at 1 am on October 14th, Beijing time, bringing new iPhone 12 series products. Apple officially announced the iPhone 12/mini mobile phone and confirmed that it supports 5G network technology. This is also Apple’s first iPhone 5G phone. Supports white, black, blue, green and red.

At the same time, Apple officially released the flagship iPhones in 2020-iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, which are characterized by support for 5G and a new face-to-face frame design, reminiscent of iPhone 5 mobile phones. IT Home is informed that this is also the first major redesign of a full-screen smartphone since Apple launched the full-screen design of the iPhone X in 2017.

 iPhone 12 series devices will adopt new screen size logical resolution

In addition, developer Steve Troughton-Smith also exposed another change in the iPhone 12 series of mobile phones, which is the logical resolution of the screen size.

The physical size refers to the actual size of the screen. A large screen must also be equipped with high resolution, that is, how many pixels can be displayed at this size, and the more pixels displayed, the greater the room for performance. The logical resolution is achievable by software.

The following is the logical resolution content of the screen size of the iPhone series phones, where the iPhone 12 mini is 375 x 812 pt, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are 390 x 844 pt, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max is 428 x 926 pt.

iPhone 4 inch screen: 320 x 568 pt

iPhone 4.7 inch screen: 375 x 667 pt

iPhone 5.5 inch screen: 414 x 736 pt

iPhone 6.1 inch screen (2018–2019) & 6.5 inch screen: 414pt x 896 pt

iPhone 5.4 inch screen (2020) & 5.8 inch screen: 375 x 812 pt

iPhone 6.1 inch screen (2020): 390 x 844 pt

iPhone 6.7-inch screen (2020): 428 x 926 pt

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