Samsung’s share of global smartphone makers in August 2020, remarkable momentum

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In the global smartphone market, Samsung has seen a significant increase in shipments, in contrast to Huawei’s declining share.

Samsung makes a big comeback

Research firm Counterpoint announced its share of the global smartphone market in August 2020. Samsung came in first with a 22% share, widening the gap with Huawei with a 16% share in second place. What should be noted is the comparison with April. As of April 2020, Huawei was number one with a 21% share.
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Needless to say, the reason Samsung has regained momentum is that the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has become less vigilant around April. The number of infected people continues to increase, but global lockdowns have no longer forced economic activity to stop significantly.
Counterpoint also points out that the fall of Samsung’s top position in April has a large lockdown in India and Europe. On the other hand, Huawei was the first to recover from the new Corona and increased shipments in China. However, in August, with the rise of the anti-Chinese mood in India, Samsung has the largest share ever in the country.

Huawei in trouble

As of August, Huawei has secured the 2nd place in the share ranking, but there is also a view that it will fall to the 7th place in 2021.
This is due to the full-scale influence of the embargo by the US Trump administration, Huawei could not secure high-end chips, and it is possible to continue making high-performance smartphones such as “P series” and “Mate series”. I’m in a difficult situation. As a result, rumors have emerged that some may sell their own brand, Honor, to other Chinese companies. In addition, it is expected that Oppo, Xiaomi, Apple, etc. will fill the holes made by Huawei.
Source: Counterpoint via GSMArena

Source: iPhone Mania

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