Introducing a case that makes your old iPhone look like the latest iPhone 12

iphone12 case

Good news for iPhone users who aren’t planning to buy the iPhone 12 series but are curious about the design of the new device. In China, cases have appeared that make the conventional iPhone look like the iPhone 12.

Instantly change to iPhone 12

The biggest difference between the iPhone 11 series and the iPhone 12 series is probably the appearance when viewed from the side. Contrary to the rounded design of the iPhone 11 series, the iPhone 12 series has square sides and a stylish design that takes advantage of the metallic feel of stainless steel.
Apple iPhone12 Pro

However, when the design changes drastically, it is no wonder that the users who own the previous terminals feel regrettable. This is because you can tell at a glance that your iPhone is an old model. I don’t know if we are looking at the demand of such users, but online stores in China sell cases that make old iPhones look like iPhone 12.
For example, if you check, a major Chinese e-commerce site, you will find a number of cases entitled “Second Apple Apple 12”.
iphone12 case

Literally, if you attach the case to the iPhone, it will change to the iPhone 12 at the speed of a second. If you check one of these, you can see that not only iPhone 11 but also iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and other terminals can be made “iPhone 12 style”.
iphone12 case

Most of the cases are sold at a price of about 15 to 30 yuan (about 240 to 480 yen). I can’t deny the emptiness of wearing it and disguising it as an iPhone 12, but it might be interesting if it can be divided into joke goods.
Source: Keito via MyDrivers

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