Softbank and au start selling Xperia 5 II, limited time campaign


On October 17, Softbank and au (KDDI) started selling the new smartphone “Xperia 5 II” that supports 5G communication manufactured by Sony. We have also started a limited-time campaign for purchasers.

New smartphone that supports 5G communication


The Xperia 5 II sold by Softbank and au is a new model of Sony’s flagship range that supports 5G communication, has 8GB (RAM) / 128GB (ROM) of memory, and is equipped with an approximately 6.1-inch organic EL display and a trinocular camera. It is a smartphone.
Sony has adopted the technology cultivated in the single-lens camera business and TV business for cameras and video processing, and has been attracting attention as a main product candidate among Android terminals released in the fall of 2020.
The model price (one-time payment) for a new contract is 115,200 yen (tax included) for SoftBank and 109,425 yen (tax included, not including administrative fees) for au.
In addition, both companies are implementing a service to exempt the model price balance bond two years later on the premise of terminal collection and model change within the carrier two years after the model purchase, and about the actual contribution of Xperia 5 II Is available for a total of 57,600 yen (tax included) at SoftBank “Tokuru Support +” and 63,825 yen (tax included) for the au “Kaetoku Program”.
For details, please check the SoftBank and au sites.

  • Softbank Xperia 5 II page
  • au Xperia 5 II page

Limited time offer

xperia campaign

Softbank and au are conducting limited-time campaigns for purchasers by the end of November, Softbank has a PayPay bonus worth 5,000 yen, au has an au Pay balance worth 3,000 yen and the popular game Call of Duty I plan to return the currency of. In addition, in order to receive the return from the campaign, the purchaser must apply on the campaign site by himself.

Is the release timing conscious of iPhone 12?

Apple October 2020 Event

Sony announced the commercialization of the Xperia 5 II on September 18, and then Softbank announced on October 1 that it will release the Xperia 5 II after mid-October, and has started accepting reservations. It was. In addition, au announced that it will release the Xperia 5 II on September 25th in late October.
On the other hand, Apple announced that it will hold a special event on October 14, Japan time before dawn on October 7, Japan time, and announced that it will start accepting reservations for iPhone 12 from October 16 at the event.
The release date (October 17) of the Xperia 5 II has been decided the day after Apple’s event announcement (October 8), and it is in the form of starting sales the day after the reservation start date of iPhone 12. As a result of discussions with Sony, Softbank, au, etc., it is possible that the release date of the Xperia 5 II was strategically decided while considering the schedule related to iPhone 12.
Source: Softbank, au
Photo: Sony

Source: iPhone Mania

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