Notable for iPhone 12 is MagSafe-potential to change the accessories market

iPhone12 MagSafe

Speaking of the features of iPhone 12, the spotlight is on 5G support. However, it has been pointed out that MagSafe is an important function that has the potential to significantly change the accessory market.

Wireless charging is not the only situation that can be used

Apple has introduced MagSafe as a feature that makes wireless charging of the iPhone 12 series easy and stable, but wireless charging is not the only place where the “magnet” attached to the back of the iPhone 12 series can be used.

As YouTuber James said, “Simply mounting a $ 0.05 magnet on the back of the iPhone 12 has created a new multi-billion dollar accessory market,” for example, a camera tripod, a selfie. It is certain that many new accessories such as sticks, game controllers, battery packs, and in-vehicle accessories that take advantage of the “stick with magnet” function will appear in the future.

Possibility to create a modular system

The US media CNET has created a “modular system” that Motorola and Essential Phone have tried and failed in the past-attaching accessories such as cameras, game controllers, and speakers to smartphones to add new functions. It also points out that Apple could easily accomplish this with MagSafe.
However, the strength of the magnets used in the iPhone 12 series also affects whether many of these ideas will come true. In an in-vehicle system, if the magnet is not strong enough, the iPhone will fall due to vibration, and so will gimbals and tripods.
That said, MagSafe has the potential to change the iPhone accessory market and expand significantly.

Source: CNET

Source: iPhone Mania

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