“The Collage Atlas” Traveling in the Hand-painted World Released at Apple Arcade

The unique pen and ink adventure “The Collage Atlas” is now available on Apple Arcade. The feature is that the whole world of the game is drawn with pen and ink.

Hand-painted first-person adventure

In “The Collage Atlas,” which developer John William Evelyn spent four and a half years, the leaves of the grass at his feet, the butterflies flying in the air, and the islands floating in the sky are all hand-painted. A world you have never seen unfolds in front of you.
Your presence, your eyes, and your heartbeat have meaning, and they bring the world to life. With your help, forests grow, flowers bloom, buildings are built, and airships fly. The landscape of the sound changes according to your movements, and you can create a soundtrack while traveling.
The quest for power, memory and hope is at the heart of the journey. Discover a number of secrets scattered around the world.

New games are regularly added to Apple Arcade, and in early November, the game “Reigns: Beyond”, which aims to be the best rock band in the universe, will be released.
The monthly charge for Apple Arcade is 600 yen (excluding tax), and up to 6 family members can share a subscription.
Source: John William Evelyn via Cult of Mac

Source: iPhone Mania

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