iPhone 13 does not have a USB-C terminal, 50% chance of having fingerprint authentication under the screen (power supply)

iPhone 12 series

Leaker John Prosser (@jon_prosser), who made multiple predictions about the iPhone 12, posted on Twitter his predictions about the features that will and will not be included in the 2021 model iPhone 13.

Answer popular YouTuber questions

Popular YouTuber Sam Sheffer (@samsheffer) posted “USB-C” (with terminal) “120Hz display” “bottom screen (or power button) fingerprint authentication” as expected functions for next year’s iPhone 13. , Mr. Prosser posted as follows.
“Let’s answer (to these questions)! (USB-C terminal)” Not installed (never in the future) “(120Hz display)” Installed “(Fingerprint authentication at the bottom of the screen or under the power button)” 50/50 possibilities “

There will be no USB-C terminal in the future

There have been multiple rumors that the iPhone 12 will also have a USB Type-C (USB-C) terminal. However, Prosser claims that the iPhone will not have a USB-C port in the future, let alone the iPhone 13.
The refresh rate 120Hz display was expected to be used in the iPhone 12 series. Before the announcement of the iPhone 12, Mr. Prosser explained that the reason why it was not installed after all was that 5G support had to be prioritized due to power consumption problems. However, it seems that it can be expected to be installed in iPhone 13.

50% chance of reviving fingerprint authentication

What’s interesting is the prediction about embedded fingerprint authentication at the bottom of the screen (or under the power button).
Mr. Prosser and Mr. Yukio Yuzuru (@ L0vetodream), a well-known leaker, exchanged information on Twitter suggesting the adoption of under-screen fingerprint authentication (Touch ID) on the iPhone.
According to this answer to Mr. Shepher, Mr. Prosser will not only embed the fingerprint authentication revival on iPhone 13 (probably equipped with Face ID and both) on the screen, but also the power supply introduced in iPad Air (4th generation) It seems that they are grasping the information that it may be built into the button.

Source: Jon Prosser / Twitter

Source: iPhone Mania

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