Folding iPhone that is expected to appear by 2023, panel will be folded in three?

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Apple’s patent application reminds us that Apple is developing a foldable iPhone.

Technology to fold iPhone in three

The main smartphone vendors currently releasing foldable smartphones are Samsung and Huawei. In particular, Samsung is energetically developing foldable smartphones such as the Galaxy Fold series and Galaxy Z Flip in the market, demonstrating its high technological capabilities.
However, Samsung and Huawei are not the only ones who are enthusiastic about developing this next-generation smartphone. For years, Apple has also applied for patents for the often foldable iPhone. The newly applied patent envisions various folding methods, including a method of folding in three by making full use of hinges.
Folding smartphone iphone patent
Folding smartphone iphone patent

The biggest issue with folding smartphones is the susceptibility of the display, and the latest Galaxy Z Fold 2 has also been reported to have the drawback of being scratched by nails. This is due to the inability to coat the display with glass to fold it, and Apple is rumored to be developing a special technology that makes two displays look like one.
Also, it seems that there are plans to install a self-repair function by coating the display with a layer made of a special material.

Will it appear by 2023?

Although patents are not always commercialized, there are many positive observations about the appearance of the folding iPhone.
Recently, Ice Universe, who is familiar with leak information, said that “Apple ordered a display sample of a folding iPhone from Samsung,” and John Prosser was also familiar with the display industry from 2022 to 2023.・ Mr. Young also predicts the appearance in the fall of 2023.
Source: WindowsUnited via Phoenix New Media
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