NASA collaborates with Nokia to develop a 4G communication network on the moon-Is there a day when the iPhone can be used on the moon?

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It turns out that Nokia will work with NASA to drive plans to build a 4G network on the moon. NASA’s project is in progress with multiple companies besides Nokia, and the final goal is scheduled for 2028.

A big project to settle down

With the iPhone supporting 5G communication, it is expected that carriers all over the world will shift to 5G at once, but it seems that 4G LTE communication will soon be possible outside the earth. It turns out that NASA will partner with Nokia’s Bell Labs to invest $ 14.1 million to set up a 4G communications base station each month.
NASA, which is engaged in the human settlement project, has set a budget of 370 million dollars (about 39 billion yen) in total, and conducts research and development such as remote operation, cryogenic freezing, robot technology, safe landing jointly with multiple companies. I am. One of these is 4G communication on the moon. The base station is expected to be specially designed for vacuum and extreme temperatures.

Even if you make a mistake, we do not set up a base station for the purpose of exchanging selfies. By establishing a 4G network, NASA states that it will enable higher quality communication in terms of distance, speed and reliability. 4G communication opens up various possibilities such as wireless, navigation, and video exchange.

Unknown relationship between Apple and NASA

By the way, Apple also has a relationship with NASA.
In 2016, Apple created a short film based on the image of Jupiter sent from NASA’s unmanned spacecraft “Juno”. It has also been revealed that it is hiring former NASA engineers to drive the development of augmented reality (AR) and self-driving cars.

Will it be possible to communicate using the iPhone even in the month in the future?
Source: Mashable, CNN
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