[Review]MagSafe Charger Opened-Wireless charging is possible even with older iPhone models

MagSafe Charger Review

The MagSafe charger, which started accepting orders at Apple Stores from October 16th, arrived to me on the night of the 18th. The iPhone 12 series is a compatible model, but even models before the iPhone 11 series can be used as a wireless charger if it supports Qi standard wireless charging.

20W USB-C power adapter not included

The MagSafe Charger is a new product that can be wirelessly charged by sticking it to the back of your iPhone. It is also compatible with the Qi standard, and can be used as a wireless charger for iPhone 8 or later and Qi compatible models such as AirPods that support wireless charging. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro can charge up to 15W, but the Qi wireless charging can charge up to 7.5W.
Try opening the MagSafe charger. The product package is a compact size that fits in the palm of your hand.
MagSafe Charger Review

In addition to the product name, the back side has an illustration that it is a USB-C terminal and that a 20W USB-C power adapter (sold separately) is required.
MagSafe Charger Review

MagSafe Charger Review

The package is a simple configuration with only a MagSafe charger and instructions.
MagSafe Charger Review

The USB-C cable is 1 meter long and is integrated with the MagSafe charger body.
MagSafe Charger Review

MagSafe Charger Review

Compared to the charger for Apple Watch, it is about the size of four.
MagSafe Charger Review

It’s about half the thickness of an Apple Watch charger.
MagSafe Charger Review


Also available on older iPhone models that support wireless charging

MagSafe Charger Review

I have ordered the iPhone 12 Pro, but I am currently using the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which supports wireless charging. I tried to use MagSafe.
The MagSafe charger certainly magnetically stuck to the part of the back of the iPhone 11 Pro Max that connects to the wireless charger. However, the magnetic force was weak, and when the main body was turned upside down, the weight shifted.
It can be used like a traditional Qi wireless charger. The magnetic force is not strong, but it did not shift even if the main body was touched a little, so it seems that it can be used as a wireless charger even on iPhone 8 to iPhone 11.

It is sold at the Apple Store for 4,500 yen excluding tax (4,950 yen including tax), and the estimated delivery date at the time of writing this article is from Wednesday, November 11 to November 18, which coincides with the release date of iPhone12 mini / 12 Pro Max. It is (Wednesday).
As for the iPhone12 series, the iPhone12 / iPhone12 Pro will be released on October 23 (Friday), and the iPhone12 mini / iPhone12 Pro Max will be released on November 13 (Friday). Orders for MagSafe chargers may increase and shipping date information may be extended from around November 6th (Friday), when reservations for iPhone12 mini / Pro Max will start, so those who are considering purchasing should order early. It seems better to do it.



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