A list of emojis to be added later this year will be released-melting faces, salutes, peep, etc.


The Unicode Consortium released a list of new emojis that will be added in the Emoji 14 update on September 14, local time. What are the emojis that will be available on Apple devices later this year?

Available later this year with iOS 15 update

Emojipedia has a total of 112 new emojis, including 37 new emojis and 75 skin color variations.

The face characters are “melting face”, “face with eyes open and mouth on hand”, “peeping face”, “salute face”, “dot line face”, “diagonal mouth face”, and “tear-holding face”. There are 7 types.

For animals, “Coral reef”, “Lotus flower”, “Troll”, “Bird’s nest (without eggs)” and “Bird’s nest (with eggs)” have been added.
“Beans” are added for food, and “tires” and “lifesaving buoys” are added for tools.

The new emoji is expected to be available in the iOS 15 update later this year.
Source: Emojipedia via MacRumors

Source: iPhone Mania

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