Razer is the first to release the Razer Ice Armor Protective Case for Apple iPhone 13 series, revealing 4 models

News from IT House September 15 The launch of the new Apple iPhone 13 series will be held at 01:00 on September 15. One hour before the press conference, Razer has released four Razer Ice Armor (Professional Edition) mobile phone protective cases. From the appearance point of view, the sizes of these protective cases are different, and they are expected to correspond to four new models of different sizes.

The Razer Ice Armor protective shell is divided into a normal version and a professional version, which are mainly made of TPE material, with reinforced corners and a reinforced design around the camera module. The surface of the product is soft to the touch, the back is perforated to facilitate heat dissipation, and the shell has an antibacterial coating. This design can ensure the grip feel.



The Razer Ice Armor Professional Edition has a THERMAPHGENE thermal conductive layer, which can quickly dissipate heat and help dissipate heat. The normal version does not have this feature.



IT Home understands that this product is compatible with Apple MagSafe magnetic charging and 5G signal to ensure that the user experience is not affected.


The Razer Ice Armor (Professional Edition) protective case is currently on the JD platform. The product introduction page reveals the official name of the Apple iPhone 13 series, including iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The standard version of this protective case is priced at 249 yuan, and the professional version is priced at 349 yuan.

646f8c0d80c5afe9.jpg.webpJingdong Thunder Snake Ice Armor Mobile Phone Case for iPhone 13 Special 249 Yuan Direct Link

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