Does the Apple MagSafe charger support iPhone 11?

In addition to the iPhone 12 series at this conference, the return of MagSafe can be said to be a big surprise. It was previously used in the MacBook product line. Now, using the embedded magnetic design, MagSafe can be fixed to the back of the iPhone for wireless charging.

Does the Apple MagSafe charger support iPhone 11?

The MagSafe charger looks like an enlarged version of the Apple Watch charging device. It has a circular design with a cord at one end that can be plugged into the power adapter. The MagSafe charger can achieve automatic magnetic alignment on the iPhone 12, which is very convenient to use. However, MagSafe does not include a charging head, but provides a USB-C cable, so users also need to purchase a USB-C charging head separately. At present, Apple officially recommends using a 20W USB-C charging head, which costs 149 yuan.

Does the Apple MagSafe charger support iPhone 11?

According to Apple’s official website, the MagSafe charger is compatible with all iPhones that can be charged wirelessly, that is, from iPhone 8 to iPhone 11. It can also be charged with MagSafe.

Does the Apple MagSafe charger support iPhone 11?

However, it should be noted that there is no magnetic alignment function when using MagSafe to charge the old iPhone. However, feedback from netizens who have already started, iPhone 11 can feel the weak magnetic effect. At the same time, charging the old iPhone cannot achieve 15W power, which theoretically supports Qi wireless charging power of 7.5W.

In addition, MagSafe also supports AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro equipped with wireless charging boxes, just like other Qi wireless charging pads, you can charge them directly.

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