Is the blue of iPhone 12 different from the color of the official image?In the turmoil of the number one trend in China

iphone12 blue

Before the release, users who got the iPhone 12 have already released the opening video and photos, but it developed into an unexpected uproar in China because blue is significantly different from the color of the image photo among multiple prepared colors. doing.

Flooded with tens of thousands of comments

The iPhone 12, which will be available for pre-order on the 16th and will be released on the 23rd, is available in five color variations (white, black, blue, green, (PRODUCT) RED). Opening videos and images are already on the market in various places, and it can be seen that consumers all over the world are paying attention to iPhone 12 again.
At China’s largest SNS Weibo, “iPhone12 Blue (# iPhone12 Indigo #)” became a hot topic, and for a while it was ranked number one in the trend (12th as of 3:00 am on the 21st, which I confirmed).

China Weibo Trend iphone12

However, when I check the contents of the hashtag, all I see is the writing that “blue is different from the image”. The reason for the trend is that for many consumers, the actual blue of the iPhone 12 was too shocking.
In Apple’s official image, the blue of iPhone 12 is closer to dark blue (indigo) than blue, but the picture of the terminal actually picked up by the user is blue like paint or paint due to the reflection of the back glass. Is impressive.

Official image

iphone12 blue


Image by user
iphone12 blue

iphone12 blue

Thanks to that, at Weibo, in addition to writing “It looks like a child’s plastic toy” and “What is this indigo color?” Even users looking up to the heavens have appeared before arrival, collecting more than 160,000 likes and 20,000 comments.
iphone12 blue

iphone12 blue

The new colors are the most popular for both models, the iPhone12 Pro is Pacific Blue and the iPhone12 is Blue, so I think it will have a big impact on consumers. I just hope that it’s just a matter of shooting method, as the official image and the actual color are not the same.
Source: Weibo, My Drivers

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