Apple launches Apple Music TV for 24 hours live music video

Apple officially launched Apple Music TV, a 24-hour free planned live music video live broadcast, which will also include exclusive new music videos and premieres, specially curated music video blocks, live shows and events, as well as leaderboard countdowns and guests. Apple Music TV will only be available to US users in the Apple Music app and Apple TV app. It can be found in the browse tabs of and Apple Music and Apple TV apps.

The service first launched on Monday (October 19) morning and counted down the 100 most streamed songs in U.S. history on Apple Music. On Thursday (October 22), it will celebrate the upcoming release of Bruce Springstein’s “Letter to You” album with “All Day Blues Takeover”, which will include a music video block of his most popular videos , An interview with Apple Music radio anchor Zane Lowe, and a special live fan event.

Apple launches Apple Music TV for 24 hours live music video

In addition, it will also premiere two exclusive videos at 12 noon on Friday US Eastern Time / 9 am Pacific Time, namely Joji’s “777” and Saint Jhn’s “Gorgeous”; the channel will be on every Friday The new video was premiered at that time. Before the launch, further details were few. This move has culminated in years of speculation and talk about when and how Apple will enter the music video field, which has long been dominated by YouTube, Vevo, and MTV in the past.

Surprisingly, the announcement did not specifically mention a music documentary, which is a form that the company has invested in. The most notable of which is the upcoming Billie Eilish feature-length documentary “The World Is A Little Blurred”, which is planned for Released in February. However, Apple said in the announcement that since its official launch in 2015, Apple Music has created a wealth of original content, including concert videos, interviews, etc., which will now also be set up on Apple Music TV.

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