The iPadOS 15 official version will not support the “universal control” cross-device operation function at the initial launch

The official versions of Apple iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 will be launched on September 21, but iPadOS 15 will not initially support the Universal Control feature, but Apple still promises that the feature will be launched in the fall.

The iPadOS 15 official version will not support the

The update of the iPadOS 15 page on Apple’s website shows that the universal control feature will not be available until later in the fall. This feature was announced on WWDC, but never appeared in any beta version of iPadOS 15 or macOS Monterey.

This feature requires a Mac running macOS Monterey to start cursor sharing, so the later release may coincide with the release window of the official version of macOS Monterey. In addition to “this fall”, Apple has not revealed when macOS Monterey will be released.

The universal control function can use the same keyboard and mouse (or trackpad) to operate Mac and iPad smoothly, even connecting several of the same devices. The cursor on the Mac can be moved directly to the iPad, and the iPad can also display the text entered on the Mac. The WWDC demonstration shows that users can move a file across the desktop of multiple devices to the desktop of a Mac, which is commonly referred to as a cross-device operation function.

Apple is expected to hold a Mac-centric event in the next few weeks to release its professional-grade Mac equipped with the “M1X” processor. It is also expected to announce the launch time of the official version of macOS Monterey at the same time.

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