Bug that HP printer and Amazon Music are judged as malware on macOS

macos error delete warning printer amazon music hp

It seems that the error that macOS mistakenly judges malware causes some users to be unable to use the Hewlett-Packard (HP) printer or play Amazon Music.

Sudden error regardless of update

According to the news site Apple Insider, there have been multiple confirmed events on macOS where HP printers suddenly contain malware and warnings that “it may damage your computer” appear. In the image published on Twitter, the framework file (HP Device Monitoring.framework) has been judged as malware, and the item to report to Apple is checked.

It is believed that it is actually caused by misidentification by macOS, not malware, and if you follow this warning and delete the file, you will not be able to use the printer. Even if you don’t choose to delete, the warning seems to continue to appear. Also, according to the testimony of the user who could not use the printer due to the occurrence of the warning, the OS and driver were not updated, and the warning suddenly appeared.
A similar event has also been reported on Amazon Music.

Is Apple’s anti-malware software defective?

At the time of writing (October 24, 1:00 am), Apple hasn’t announced any comments, so the exact cause is unknown. However, Apple Insider believes that Apple’s XProtect (built-in anti-malware software) may be involved, although it is unclear why this problem occurred worldwide.
Also, if you use Apple’s original wireless printing function “AirPrint”, it seems that you can print from the HP printer that was the target of the warning.
Source: Twitter-CrazyJim, AppleInsider

Source: iPhone Mania

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