IIJmio announces SIM operation check results for iPhone12 / iPhone12 Pro

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IIJmio, an MVNO service, announced the results of SIM operation confirmation on iPhone12 and iPhone12 Pro released on October 23, 2020.

Confirmed operation with type D / A data communication, voice call and eSIM plan data communication

According to the operation check terminal list page of IIJmio, at the time of writing this article, it was confirmed that data communication / voice call of docomo network type D, au network type A, and data communication of eSIM plan work without problems. ..
The company also reports that 5G communications are not available.


Type D (docomo net)

IIJmio iPhone12_02


Type A (au network)

IIJmio iPhone12_03


APN configuration profile must be installed

IIJmio iPhone12_01

As a precaution specific to iOS, IIJmio advises you to install and use the corresponding iOS APN configuration profile even if you are using an iPhone or iPad and you can manually set the APN. APN configuration profiles for iOS 14 devices are also available.
Source: IIJmio

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