Google Maps explains how to grasp the busy hours due to the corona virus

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Google Maps has the ability to tell you when it’s busy, how long you’re waiting, and what’s happening right now, but it’s becoming more useful, especially in the corona storm, where you need to maintain a social distance. How is the congestion level calculated while keeping the data private and secure?

Understand the busiest days and times and compare with the current situation

Google Japan’s official blog describes how congestion insights are calculated as follows.

Congestion insights are based on anonymous data aggregated from users who have location history enabled on their Google account. (Omitted) Based on the busiest time zone, the congestion degree of other days of the week is displayed in proportion to that time zone.

For example, if you have a delicious homemade ice cream parlor in your neighborhood, Google’s system keeps track of the busiest days and times. If it’s Saturday at 4pm, it will set the congestion time based on the day and time parameters and show the degree of congestion when visiting the store.
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Measures against new coronavirus

While measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), business hours have been shortened and business self-restraint has become widespread, making it difficult to ascertain the degree of congestion.
To make the system more agile, Google says, “We prioritize the latest data from the last four to six weeks and respond quickly to changes in congestion times and current congestion.”
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About Privacy

“Privacy is paramount in calculating congestion,” Google said. “We use an advanced statistical technique called differential privacy to keep congestion data anonymous.” I will.
“You can also artificially add” noise “to your location history dataset to generate congestion insights without identifying individuals,” says one of the differential privacy techniques.
Source: Google Japan

Source: iPhone Mania

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